Simon Schöpf
Text / Bild / Digital


Thanks for hanging around. I like to do that, too. Preferably in unusual spots with good views and around sunset. Apart from that, I like to play with words and mental images. I write texts as a profession, but sometimes also just for fun. Like now. When I’m out, I usually bring my camera, just to carry a bit more. Oh, and there’s the digital – I’m on social media too, wow, have a look! Such a great life I’m enjoying. No, seriously. It really is amazing. Why I’m telling you this? Don’t know, but you’re reading it, obviously. So here’s a more serious take on someone else describing my professional life. Sounds hard, but stop hanging around. Go out. Out there. The chances are good you’ll meet me, up somewhere, hanging around.

companies i enjoy working with:

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