Stockholm – Uppsala, on Skates.

People argue that one of the main reasons for Uppsala’s popularity is it’s proximity to Stockholm, the self-proclaimed “Capital of Scandinavia” (though many Uppsalarians would disagree and probably wish for Stockholm to be far, far away). However, it’s definitely great for travel purposes (having Arlanda close) and museums. And, I’m sure, for many more reasons that I haven’t figured out yet. And proximity, that is, for Swedish standards of course; There are still 70km between the two cities (although one also hears arguments, mainly whispering out of the capital city, that consider Uppsala to be a suburb of Stockholm).

Now, when I first heard people talk, back in lovely autumn, that it would actually possible to skate from Uppsala to Stockholm, I first neglected and couldn’t believe it at all. But, consoling multiple sources, I came to the conclusion that this was not a hoax and it is indeed possible, having a good, cold winter, to achieve that. Live and learn – the only sensible thing now as to officially declare the successful action of this to my overall winter-goal while being in Sweden. Challenge was on.

But not for long! Way, way sooner than expected did I find myself in a car heading down to Staden, on a cloudless morning, staring out at mid-Swedish pine trees and a marvelous sunrise. Again, overly lucky to, although still a långfärds-rookie, be part of an experienced crew that made it all possible. What a day; and usually, me having no idea what I’m actually in for, just hoping for the best. And the Best, it turned out to be!

Starting from Hässelby in Stockholm, we found once again perfect ice and this time, even coupled up with perfect wether; A what I found very rare combination indeed. All the better to use this perfect day for the adventure, we could skate almost all the way, except to small passages that have to be walked because of floating water (not good for ice building). The 62km distance were covered in 5h and 1min; Of course, missing the 5h mark so closely can only mean that I will have to do it ALL again. Too bad.

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