Paradise Lost Found

So I ventured on to Thailand to finally look into that thing that other call “holiday” or “vacation”: you know, beaches and such. Arrived in Bangkok and the rumors turned out to be true, love it or hate it. I loved it – my commonly applied battle plan to explore new, big cities – aimlessly wandering around the city and trying to get lost – proved to be excellent once again. The choice to couchsurf Bangkok as well – thanks, you beautiful people out there!
Hopes were high for the next stop, the tiny  island of Koh Tao. And, well, for a good reason – this place deserves the prefix “paradise”. A turtle-shaped tropical island, scattered with tons of massive granite boulders to jump on and surrounded my world-class (subtract the thousands of other divers, maybe) diving sites (oh, by the way, call me an advanced open water diver from now on – yes, I do get fancy about that). Beat that?

Of course I got suck here and don’t dare to leave just yet. How could I, why should I? Also met up with my two lovely friends, Betty and Manu, which whom I plan to share some adventures from now on. And Christmas – uuh, it promises to be a nice one, considering the constant temperature of 29 degrees and the fact that a Mango Lassie on the beach checks in at about the same price as a bottle of water back home.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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10. January 2011 at 3:53

Back fron thai silk fun.

8. January 2011 at 10:37

I, (how could I?!?!), did NOT miss Krabi by all means and i WILL be back there, by all means. Anually, probably.
And Falk, enjoy South Africa and greetings to the Rocklands from me. Tell them I’ll be coming to visit them soon.

21. December 2010 at 8:39

Simon! Glad you’re loving Thailand. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT MISS the rock climbing near Krabi in the south (I’m going to tag you in some photos from my trip there on facebook). One of my co-workers in Thailand was a diving instructor in Koh Tao.

CaptainChaos (Falk)reply
21. December 2010 at 6:19

Hey Simon!

Nice to hear that! You must really enjoy your preciouse time there! I still have to wait and work a bit… but in February it’s gonna be my turn again! Four weeks of paddling, party & a lot of nice people in South Africa!

Rock ‘n Roll Dude!

21. December 2010 at 1:55

told ya! ;)
And by the way, what’s the name of your diving school? The boat looks kinda familiar :)

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