Instant Kiwi

So apparently, it has been two month now since I arrived here, virtually at the other side of the globe. No one really knows how that happened. But, I guess, living life as an Abligo [Abligo (n.): One who prides himself on not even knowing what day of the week it is] while chasing the sun and the best climbing crags just makes time fly. Especially, chasing about anything with my own (!) ride (my very first car was even easier to purchase than I imagined, which was already pretty easy) is heaps fun (picked up that kiwi slang) and a definite upgrade in luxury compared to the month of tent camping and floor sleeping in Australia. I can now store things! I do have a home! The home has four wheels, even, which makes it all the better.

So, New Zealand, aye? The one place I was always looking forward to visit, the paradise of my dreams. Well indeed, as it turned out, reality matches those dreams pretty closely. To fly into the Nations second largest city a few days after it got severely destructed by an epic once-in-a-century (so we all hope) earthquake made for quite a special situation. The following weeks were strongly characterized by this event. But one thing struck me above all: How whole New Zealand united in an almost inconceivable way, their spirits raising higher than ever, ready to rebuild what got destroyed.

(four landscapes? really?)

Kiwis spell ‘colour’ and say ‘bro’ quite frequently. They are hostile, humble, and surprisingly friendly, it a very honest way. They are proud of their little nation, but without waiving a flag to show it. And I’m not even talking about those wildly varied, unspoiled landscapes that appear in a beauty beyond my words to describe. An endless autumn. I’ve just added a few pictures therefore, judge by yourself. Sometimes, I get reminded of home, the mountains and cows and all, just that those here are surrounded by an ocean. To make a long story short, this place really appears as a kind of paradise. As a place that makes you feel welcome, that makes you feel home. An Instant Kiwi.

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6. May 2011 at 13:50

This is like totally awesome and me and Ksenia are SOOO jealous.
But you, you have fun ‘bro’! :-)

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