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I’ve been putting this long-expected post off for months now – for the simple reason that it seems to be an impossible task to put into words what Maria and me experienced in an entire four weeks of hitching and hiking and hitch-hiking through, across, and around the island Iceland. Where to start? What to write? And what’s the point, after all? Is there a justified need to document & publish everything? Do I put time and effort into writing this because I want to inspire people to go out and walk similar paths or is it all just narcissistic self-portrayal because I’m having just such a great time, all the time?

I’m not too sure. Possibly a bit of both. But, you might now be tempted to remark, can’t I shut up now and just deliver those stunning pictures? Oh, yes. Sorry, almost got distracted from writing a long-expected blog post about a month on Iceland. We continue: Iceland, man! Have you heard of Iceland yet? Of this totally exotic and mystical island somewhere between Europe and America, home of trolls, fairies, and very few humans too, living in volcanos and bathing in natural hot pools, doing their magic? Yes of course you have, because those volcanos occasionally blow up and disrupt the international air traffic between Europe and America with their nasty smoke cloud. Nasty trolls. But where now, you might inquire persistently, are those goddamn pictures? I deliver.

Of course, just throwing a few shiny picture into a blog post cannot accurately mirror the experience of hiking a month through Iceland. Well, nothing can, except the experience itself. But to say the least, quite an experience, it was. There are also a couple of hundred pictures more (as on the Web, the experience only counts if you picture it), but lets save some for a follow-up post. Why, you might ask? No, please. Don’t ask.


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27. November 2014 at 17:10

Thanks Mats. Quite windy and rainy it tends to be, generally, I think. We had three days of (partly) sunshine–in a month (in summer!). Well. Did you write a blog post about your solo-biking trip 22 years ago as well? Link it!

27. November 2014 at 17:08

Amazing pictures of an amazing country Simon. I’ve been there twice. The first time biking alone for a month 22 years ago, second time a work trip a few years ago. Quite windy and rainy though…

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