15 Minutes of Fame

I just checked; It seems a bit ridiculous that the last post was published back in October; I found more time to do such things whilst being without a computer, Internet connection, and indeed a home.Weird.

Now, it’s April and the/my world hast changed a few times over since then. I occupy a full-time job now (oh maybe that’s why). There has been an incredible winter to do all sorts of snow activities. There … oh, so many million things nobody but me is interested in; Busy, to say the least. To fill the void, I’m going to post this instead:

To give it a try, I’ve submitted my first picture to my the desktop wallpaper site of my choice, interfacelift.com. And guess what? It got voted! Psyched.

Here’s the link to ‘Morning Heart‘.

But the real thing to be psyched about is that the wallpaper received almost 20,000 (!) downloads within just four days. Although living is all about enjoying the moment, it’s for some reason a great feeling to know that you’ve just shared one tiny moment with so many other human beings. But of course, not a single one will ever know how great it really felt to actually be there to live that moment.

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